Career Yoga
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This podcast, hosted by Narkis Alon and Amalya Duek, talks about self-fulfillment in the 21st century;

In our shows we share tools, opportunities and insights for our career journey. We host courageous people, that are successful inside and out, and they honestly share about their desires, challenges, fears, and greatest wins regarding their career journey.

In the same way people choose to practice yoga so they become healthier, stronger, focused and happier- we practice "career yoga" for receiving clarity about our career path, learn methodologies for observing it and develop the courage needed for walking on our unique career.

In today's world especially, when 45% of employees plan to stay on the same job for less than 2 years, the need to adjust and re-examine your career path becomes relevant than ever. Similar to yoga, it's a life time practice, and its purpose is to make sure you are making a living from being who you are and from doing what you are passionate about.

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    Adi Karmon Scope about the 6 hours Workday

    "After the industrial revolution, Henry Ford reduced the working time for 5 days a week and 9 hours a day. That was 90 years ago. Since than- haven’t we advanced? Why do we still work 9 hours a day?”

    Adi Karmon Scope has two hats; she is the Co founder of fractal boutique, assisting companies in the blockchain industry doing their ICO’s, and is also the founder of the Six Movement , which believes that people should work no more than six hours a day.

    Coming from the corporate life, working 12 hours a day and climbing the ladder, Adi was feeling happy about her life. As she grew older, became a mom and got to know herself and her needs deeper, she started feeling conflicted with the idea of spending most of her life in an office. She became an entrepreneur, building companies in the fields of online marketing and virtual coins. As a founder, she started experimenting with managing her and her teams’ time to fit the six hours philosophy.

    Nowadays, she calls the six hours her religion, and is managing her life in intervals of six; six hours of work, six hours with her family, six hours with time for herself and personal duties and six hours of sleep. Although she works in a very demanding industry, her clients and her teams are all aware of this policy and this doesn’t influence her income- to the contrary, Adi believes it gives her a competitive advantage.

    In this conversation Adi talks about the reason everyone should move into the six hours work day, the change one needs to make in one’s life to fit it, and the importance of free time to fulfill our potential as human beings. This is an episode for anyone who feels overworked and wants to get exposed to a perspective that can change that.

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    Loren Peled about pursuing A music career

    “People assume artists are living their lives as free spirits, but I’m working harder than most of the people I know.”

    Loren started his music career at his teenage years when he started playing the guitar and than served in IDF’s orchestra. After the army, he went to pursue his music career in New York as a singer songwriter and got to work with famous musicians such as Steve Jordan and more. Four years later he came back to Israel and started producing and writing songs for the most well known artists in the country, including: Eyal Golan, Moshe Peretz, Ivri Lider, Shlomi Shabat, Rita and more. In our conversation he talks about the process of realizing music is his full time commitment, probably for the rest of his life. We talk about making a living from music, about working hard for leading in your field and about focusing on our passions. And… there is a surprise in the end. This is an episode for people who thought art could only be pursued as a hobby.

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    Maya Wertheimer on combining Acting with Personal Training

    Maya Wertheimer is an actress and a personal trainer. From a young age she always dreamed of being an actress. Choosing personal training came as a surprise. At the age of 17, Maya was injured in a hit and run accident, and was on a wheel chair for several months. After a challenging process of rehabilitation, sports and yoga gave her back her power and confidence. Growing up as non athletic, maya realized the power of sports for empowerment and health and wanted to pass it forward. In our conversation with her we talk about the process of succeeding in acting; from being unknown to having followers and the advantages and challenges of pursuing two careers.

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    Tamara Harel Cohen about entering into the Social Impact World

    Do you sometimes feel that you wish you could make a living from something more meaningful and impactful? So did Tamara.

    Over a year ago Tamara Cohen decided she's moving to Israel after having a successful production career in LA, New York and London that included working with leading brands (MasterCard, Gillette, Converse) and leading artists (Bob Dylan, The Rolling Stones, Mumford and Sons).

    Although she was successful in her field, she decided she wants to transition to a field that has more meaning to her. She wanted to build a social enterprise and she knew that Israel will be the best place for her to find her co-founders. The rest was unknown. She left it all and started a process of exploring a path that is led by a social mission.

    After meeting dozens of social entrepreneurs, impact investors and organizations - she decided the best place for her to build something meaningful is to move to Israel. Today she is leading a social business she co-founded with 2 partners, they already received an investment from a leading firm, yet the startup is still in stealth mode, so stay tuned. In this episode we talk about the definition of social impact, how do you combine "doing good and doing well" through building businesses with social impact, and about the personal transition process Tamara did that included moving a country, changing industries and becoming an entrepreneur in the peak of a different career.

    If you want to start working for a social impact mission and not sure what it means and what should you notice while you build yourself in this field- this episode is for you.

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    Stephie Knoppel about The Emotional Bubble of Silicon Valley

    Stephie Knoppel is an entrepreneur, founder of PersonalHeroes with 12 years within Advertising industry and innovation in different countries. She is a "cool hunter" (listen to episode to learn what it means) and consults companies around the world. When Stephie's startup got accepted to a prestigious accelerator in the Silicon Valley, she decided to move there. As all places, The Valley, represented as the best place in the world for growing a startup, is not for everyone. And after several months, she felt how much this relocation was harming her, hence harming her company.

    "It's sustainable till you want to be authentic with yourself"

    In this episode we talk about the Emotional Bubble of Silicon Valley; the challenges of relocation, about not being authentic with yourself while building a company, about loneliness and peer pressure and business. And the freedom one feels once choosing himself.

    In this case herself.

    This is an episode for people that want to live an aligned life- professionally and personally.

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    Debby Luzia about being an Early adopter and a Late bloomer

    "When you reach the age when you have less birthdays to come than what you celebrated, you start asking yourself what is the life I wanna live?" Debby Luzia, 58 years old, calls herself an "art multi-potentialite". Eighteen years ago, on her 40th birthday party she told all of her guests: "Hold on the ride is beginning" Since than she has been busy; She owns Stern art gallery in Tel-Aviv, She is author of the book "Why the Mona Lisa lost her smile - a behind the scenes review of the art world and is also an art correspondent for the Lady Globes magazine and talks about the art world on two channels on Israeli television. She is constantly working on developing new ventures, collaborations and content pieces in the art world, she is sharing with us in this conversation plans about a documentary, working with the BBC and spreading her work in Asia. In our conversation with her we talk about Debby's unique approach that allows her to reinvent herself again and again, that the world doesn't belong to the youngsters and how the new world is giving all of us the opportunity- at any age to make the life we want. Listen to this episode if you need inspiration to go out of your own box and if you ever considered age is a limitation.

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    Nadav Embon- from "Surviving" to "Thriving" at Work

    Nadav Embon is the creative director at the Israeli public broadcasting corporation. His path leading to this position was quite unusual; A few years before, when Nadav realized that being a freelancer isn't for him, he felt stuck. It was more than a year that Nadav was not motivated to pursue more projects and was sick of all the responsibilities outside of the real work that come with being a freelancer. In the beginning he tried to ignore the feeling and continue business as usual since it was after several years of being a successful animator, leading big projects in the industry and making a living out of his skills. When it became impossible to ignore, he start a journey of self discovery to realize what it is that he wants to do next; after taking some workshops and talking with a few people he appreciates, he was able to identify the most important features in his next career step and following that to identify and approach the opportunity that is aligned with it. In this conversation we talk about the different steps one can take when looking for a new start, Nadav's unique journey, the real challenges of being a freelancer that people don't talk about and how to identify the right role for you that answers your needs. Listen to this episode if you are looking to do a career shift that is based on your real needs.

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    Eido Minkovski about the Simple Art of PR

    Eido Minkovski is a strategic and media consultant to some of the biggest high tech companies in Israel, including: Soluto, AOL, MyHeritage, Outbrain and more.

    "PR is not physics, it's simple: connecting people, thinking about ideas for stories and working hard. That's all."

    Coming from the background of night clubs and than IDF's spokesperson- he realized that connecting people is his biggest skill and decided to devote himself to the profession. He was than the spokes person for Haifa's municipality, until one day during a meeting the municipality had with an high tech company, the CEO was so impressed that he convinced Eido to leave the municipality and come and work with him. Since than, Eido built his own company and he's on his way to the top. "I want to be the biggest firm in Israel"

    In our conversation we talk about the relevance of PR in the world of new media, failure and the feeling of being an extrovert and needing to stay behind the scene, behind his clients.

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    Yishai Mishor about Making A (political) Difference

    "I want to make a difference and speak about what I believe and I will do it everywhere I can." Ishai was interested in making a political difference for many years. He went into the academia because he wanted people not to be able to tell him that he doesn't know what he's talking about. And he really went for it: He teaches law and public policy at University of Oxford's Blavatnik School of Government. In addition to that he played a role in the Israeli politics by supporting politicians: He was the chief speechwriter to the President of Israel, Shimon Peres.He was Chief of Staff to the Speaker of Knesset, Chief of Staff to the Acting President of Israel, and director of the economic advisory team to the Head of Opposition.

    As part of his current pursuit to transition from academia into front-row politics, which he defines as: "becoming relevant in the Israeli discourse", Ishai is initiating projects (still in stealth mode) that will strengthen weaker populations in the Israeli society.

    In this conversation we talk about what is a "good" politician, the power struggles that exist in politics and the various ways that exist today to make a political difference.

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    Adi Altschuler about becoming a mom for the first time.

    "It's not only about breastfeeding, I'm nurturing a baby."

    Adi Altschuler is a known entrepreneur in Israel, she founded Krembo Wings, Zikaron Ba Salon and is working in Google. Being used to lead many things at the same time, and investing most of her time in promoting her social projects, becoming a mom a few months ago, created a lot of change in the way she experiences life, career and her priorities. In our conversation with her she shares about some of the wrong assumptions she started with, the corrections she made on the way and invites additional women to take the leap into motherhood.

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