Career Yoga
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This podcast, hosted by Narkis Alon and Amalya Duek, talks about self-fulfillment in the 21st century;

In our shows we share tools, opportunities and insights for our career journey. We host courageous people, that are successful inside and out, and they honestly share about their desires, challenges, fears, and greatest wins regarding their career journey.

In the same way people choose to practice yoga so they become healthier, stronger, focused and happier- we practice "career yoga" for receiving clarity about our career path, learn methodologies for observing it and develop the courage needed for walking on our unique career.

In today's world especially, when 45% of employees plan to stay on the same job for less than 2 years, the need to adjust and re-examine your career path becomes relevant than ever. Similar to yoga, it's a life time practice, and its purpose is to make sure you are making a living from being who you are and from doing what you are passionate about.

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    Tal Shavit about the importance of soft skills in today’s corporate environment

    Tal Shavit is a Senior Consultant at McKinsey and Co., where she focuses on people and culture related topics in organizations around the world. Prior to that, she served as the Executive Director at Seeds of Peace Israel. With a professional background in conflict resolution, Tal always received feedback as being a 'people person', allowing people around her to feel good, communicate better with each other and feel safe. Professionally, these are called: soft skills. Although research shows that in some corporate environments, soft skills are more important than “hard skills”. But when people think about the typical business consultant, they imagine the analytical person, who prioritize numbers over people. In our fascinating conversation with Tal, we talk about the importance of soft skills in corporate environments, how company culture influences the bottom line and how many resources McKinsey invests in developing their understanding in soft skills. She also shares about the changes happening now in the business world and about the momentum for people with soft skills to join and lead the business world.This is an episode for people who love people, and are wondering about the value of that skill.

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    Guy Seemann about being an Expert Generalist

    As part of the ongoing debate of whether to focus on one field in your career or engaging in a variety of fields, Guy Seemann is sharing with us the idea of being an Expert Generalist. Expert Generalists (a term coined by Orit Gadiesh, chairman of Bain & Company) study widely in many different fields, understand deeper principles that connect those fields and then apply these principles to their core specialty.

    After nearly 10 years in both American and Israeli government, Guy Seemann became an entrepreneur and started various organizations in the fields of politics, pharmaceuticals and the arts, just to name a few:Rethink Pharmaceuticals, The Stage and Kol Ole. His current project, titled The American Question, is a documentary film. Guy believes he breaks the mold of an entrepreneur where industry specific expertise is what everyone is looking for. Expert Generalists are taking the things you’re strong in extrapolating it for different fields you’re passionate about.

    In our conversation with him he shares the challenges and opportunities in pursuing multiple passions and how to etablish projects that converge the different fields altogether.

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    Keren Etkin about being a Gerontechnologist

    Keren Etkin is a Gerontechnologist. She holds a B.Sc in life sciences and M.A in gerontology. She has been working with older adults for almost a decade, in NGOs and in the private sector. For the past two years she has been the Gerontechnologist at Intuition Robotics- the world’s first social robot designed for older adults. In our conversation with her we talk about the meaning of being a Gerontologist, the problem of ageism, the impact technology solutions can have on older adults and Keren’s passion for the topic. This episode is for everyone, as Keren said, all of us are getting old, so we better invest in solutions, so this world stays a place we can live in. Visit her blog here :

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    Elad Kimchi about the challenge of being a Psychologist in the Public Sector

    Elad is a licensed clinical psychologist. He started his career at the Public Sector, serving underprivileged communities. His job was fulfilling and rewarding, but being a father he needed to provide, so after he couldn’t afford his life financially, a few months ago he had to resign and move to the private practice. In our conversation, we are talking about the paradox that exists that the most important positions in Israel: teachers, doctors, social workers and psychologists (to name a few) are underpaid and are unable to live a dignified life. We touch the specific challenge, including time and money sacrifices, and the things Elad considered when he chose to leave. When Elad left he told his clinic: ”I’ll be back when I’ll be rich” This an episode for any person that wishes to pursue work in the public sector and is dealing with the questions about these sacrifices.

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    From Wall Street to Massage Therapy - Ron Harel talks about Career Transformation

    Ron Harel is a Certified Massage Therapist. Prior to that he did business development and sales at Summit Series, the world’s leading entrepreneurship community. He was also a junior partner at Lehman Brothers, as part of the private wealth management team who managed over one Billion Dollars in assets. In our talk with him we wanted to understand the transition from Wall Street to Massage therapy. Ron shares with us the various reminders he was given for living an authentic life of purpose: from losing a close friend, to reflections from family members, to joining communities that reminded him of his passion. This is an episode for any person that wants to fulfill himself authentically and go beyond society’s expectations.

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    David Katz about leading a company where all employees work from home

    David Katz says that if he would find out that working from home is bad for his business, he wouldn’t rent an office, he would close his business. We spend most of our lives working, so in his opinion, it makes no sense to pursue a career that doesn’t make us happy. The way he uncompromisingly implements it is mind blowing.

    David is the founder and CEO of Mixtiles. He has founded two companies and appeared on the “100 Most Influential People in Israel Tech” list. Mixtiles makes it easy to decorate walls with your photos. The company has tens of thousands of customers, and its employees all work from home.

    In this fascinating episode we talk with David about the culture of working from home and how to create, as a founder, a “stress-free” environment that allows freedom for the team without harming business results. We analyze the advantages, challenges, innovation and opportunities that working from home offers.

    This is an episode for any person that loves working from home and actually any person that manages employees. Go for it.

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    Maya Gura about being a Serial Entrepreneur

    Maya Gura is a serial entrepreneur. She's the co-founder and CEO of Missbeez, a mobile marketplace for beauty services matching busy women with self-employed professionals. Prior to Missbeez, Maya was a founding team member at PicScout and the Co-Founder of The Gifts Project (a social Ecommerce platform acquired by Ebay). We talk about the definition of success, the importance of being the decision maker to implement your vision, the different motivations she had for starting each company and her vision for MissBeez. As Maya shares about founding three companies with rare honesty, this is an episode for people interested in the journey of an entrepreneur.

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    Noga Alon, about being a world Renowned mathematician

    Noga Alon is an Israeli mathematician noted for his contributions to combinatorics and theoretical computer science, having authored hundreds of papers. Alon has received a number of awards, including the following: the Erdős Prize, the Feher prize, the Israel Prize and many more. Being one of the best mathematicians in the world, we talk about what it means to manage a career that requires thinking all day long, the unique challenges of solving mathematical problems and the passion and obsession of becoming, and staying, a world leader in your field. This is an episode for anyone that is interested in excelling, in deep work that requires quality thinking processes and in keeping up your game in the long term, regardless of age.

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    Avishag Bohbot about the importance of Women Raising their Own Funds

    Avishag brings more than a decade of experience in tech venture financing, private equity and business development. She was named in The Marker 2016 list of 40 most successful promising business leaders,She had worked in the founders group in Tel Aviv, where she managed a portfolio worth $2.3 billion in VC and private investment. Originally going into VC because of her interest in impact investment, when Avishag started managing Founders groups’ portfolio, she didn’t know anyone in the VC industry in Israel. As part of the values she learned at home, she did what she usually does when she arrives to a new place; she started helping people.

    After meeting a lot of people in the industry, she realized the investing the time to make a phone call to every entrepreneur she had to say “no” to, instead of sending an email templates like most of the investors do, is pretty rare. And even some of her colleagues called is “not sustainable”. In this conversation we talk about the added values feminine leadership brings into the VC world, the reason the way VS’s are managed today doesn’t suit women and having women lead the revolution- the only way for real change.

    “What we need now is the power of women coming together and helping each other in every sector.”

    In the end of the episode, one of us said: “I feel empowered”. and the other replied:”Me too”.

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    Adi Karmon Scope about the 6 hours Workday

    "After the industrial revolution, Henry Ford reduced the working time for 5 days a week and 9 hours a day. That was 90 years ago. Since than- haven’t we advanced? Why do we still work 9 hours a day?”

    Adi Karmon Scope has two hats; she is the Co founder of fractal boutique, assisting companies in the blockchain industry doing their ICO’s, and is also the founder of the Six Movement , which believes that people should work no more than six hours a day.

    Coming from the corporate life, working 12 hours a day and climbing the ladder, Adi was feeling happy about her life. As she grew older, became a mom and got to know herself and her needs deeper, she started feeling conflicted with the idea of spending most of her life in an office. She became an entrepreneur, building companies in the fields of online marketing and virtual coins. As a founder, she started experimenting with managing her and her teams’ time to fit the six hours philosophy.

    Nowadays, she calls the six hours her religion, and is managing her life in intervals of six; six hours of work, six hours with her family, six hours with time for herself and personal duties and six hours of sleep. Although she works in a very demanding industry, her clients and her teams are all aware of this policy and this doesn’t influence her income- to the contrary, Adi believes it gives her a competitive advantage.

    In this conversation Adi talks about the reason everyone should move into the six hours work day, the change one needs to make in one’s life to fit it, and the importance of free time to fulfill our potential as human beings. This is an episode for anyone who feels overworked and wants to get exposed to a perspective that can change that.

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